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HaHaHa! Proud Boy Participant in Today's “We The People” Hatefest in Philly Booted by Employer!

Don’t you just love it when karma alights?

Philly Magazine

“Comcast on Wednesday fired Andrew Kovalic, a 10-year employee who earlier this week became the target of a viral petition alleging that he is a member of a hate group.

The petition that called for Kovalic’s termination, which had garnered 373 signatures by Wednesday morning, was created and sponsored by the Philadelphia-based nonprofit Media Mobilizing Project, which often scrutinizes media and telecommunications companies like Comcast.

The petition directly addressed Comcast CEO Brian Roberts:

“Employing Andrew Kovalic, a member of the hate group the Proud Boys, is an embarrassment and an insult to the communities of Philadelphia and the country. […] Comcast should terminate his employment immediately, and state clearly and publicly that it will not tolerate racist and fascist speech, organizing and actions from its employees.”

In a statement to Philadelphia magazine, Comcast said, “There’s no place for disrespectful, offensive behavior in our culture. The individual is no longer employed by Comcast.”

What tipped off Media Mobilizing to Kovalic’s affiliation?

I don’t know but they got their hands on this pic of him throwing the White power O.K. sign in his Comcast uniform….


…that was used in this tweet:


That was probably all Comcast needed to see.

Philly Magazine contacted the Proud Boys Harrisburg Chapter for their comment on the firing and the frat boys kept it classy, of course:

“We like beer. We still like beer. Have a Dick pic. Sincerely, The Greatest Fucking Fraternity in the History of Mankind.”

Unfortunately, their idol, Bret Kavanaugh remains employed….

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