Hacking ICE the Old Fashioned Way.


No need for sophisticated computer skills.  Just a lot of chutzpah, climbing equipment and paint.


This billboard is visible from I80 in Emeryville, CA, a small city nestled between Oakland and Berkeley on San Francisco Bay.  I80 at this point is likely one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the country, leading as it does directly to the Bay Bridge and on to San Francisco in one direction, and New York City in the other direction.

While some may call it vandalism…


— NBC Bay Area (@nbcbayarea) June 21, 2018

Others might suggest “Divine inspiration” or “Artistic improvisation of the highest order.”  Or perhaps just “A great hack!”

Apparently the billboard has now been “De-ICE’ed.”


— ABC7 News (@abc7newsbayarea) June 21, 2018


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