MelaniaTrump Mt.Rushmore sharpies Style

HAAAAAA…Did Melania let Orange man use the sharpie to keep him entertained on the flight?

This woman has no style and must have the worst designers in the world.  OMG… I laughed when my daughter said last night, some toddler drew all her her dress and then today I saw where people were laughing at the dress and saying, “ Please take the sharpie away from Trump”.  This is trivial, I know, but we need to laugh once in awhile.   Long Red Tide and Sharpie Dress.  No sense of style or anything else.   The crowd was super close with maybe one or two masks in the whole 7000 group.

I wonder if she had to let him draw on her dress on the way to Mr. Rushmore.   Look at that outfit.

Oh yeah I am laughing.  I cut her no slack.  He has compared her to Jackie Kennedy.  She couldn’t hold a candle to Granny Clampet, much less Jackie O.…

Twitter users fixated on the First Lady's eye-catching Alexander McQueen dress.

Several people declared on Twitter that the $2,485 Alexander McQueen looked as if Trump scribbled on the fabric with marker.

And someone should have told her the hem came loose.



— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) July 4, 2020


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