Ha ha ha ha – Charles M Blow Remembers Liz Cheney The Same Way I Do: As A Nasty Piece Of Work.

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It is like the G-Dubya soft focus nostalgia trip, yuk. The Good Republicans, argh,

Now to the article.

This has lifted Cheney to a sort of hero status in the media and political circles. A Joan of Arc in our collective battle against the Big Lie who is willing to let herself be burned at the political stake and to become a martyr for conviction and moral clarity.

Just like some on the left are trying to imagine/paint Marine Le Pen as a progressive, a progressive fascist perhaps, a kinder gentler form of nazi as it were, maybe Liz should model herself on Marine.

Liz Cheney and her father are positioning themselves as protectors of the old order, as paragons of truth and as defenders of our American norms.

Hahahaha-bloody ha.

Nah. No amnesia for me, thank you.

Me too Charles.

He also highlights her own support for torture and silence on “birtherism” and her Keep America Safe ad.

Also, she threw her sister Mary under the tea-party bus.

He sums up

But her present position does not expunge her past positions. The sword she’s falling on is one she has spent her political career brandishing.

If Cheney is punished by her own party, I will not applaud, but I also will not sob. I sit silently in acknowledgment, as one does, when karma swings low and performs its function.


May you reap what you sow.

Good Republicans? The world has lost the damn plot.

  • May 6, 2021