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H—is for Honor

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Pundits in the media want me to believe that because 74 million people voted for Donald Trump, their opinions count more than the 81 million that voted for Joe Biden. Publications, tv talking heads, and analyst say over and over, we need to listen to the 70 million that voted for Trump, Democrats need to learn a lesson. The Democratic voter is the majority in America, not Republicans. The fact that Republicans control large swaths of the landmass is very different from controlling large swaths of living breathing people. The reactionary impulses of the national media and those ‘in-the-know’ are akin to riding a bicycle. There are two types of learning memories; declarative and procedural. Your procedural memory is what allows you to ride a bike at 10 and later ride one at 50, you never forget.

The reaction to Democratic victory seems to trigger the procedural memory of the media. Immediately, after the resounding victory of former President Obama, in 2008, the press started asking how he could work with the GOP. The real question should have been posited to conservative leaders; how could they compromise with the new standard-bearer of the Democratic Party? Now in 2020, the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN opine about why Republicans will not permit the Democrats to govern. Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, or wherever you register on the scale, you are the majority, act like it. The constant defensive posture of explaining slogans and labels is tiresome. To Messrs. Obama, Clyburn, and Manchin do not haggle over the slogans, Black Lives Matter, or Defund the Police. I get tired of explaining to Conservatives the nuance as if I am talking to children, who cannot grasp an intelligent argument.  

Let us not fall into the information void like Republicans who rely solely on people like Frank Luntz to craft their bumper sticker politics.  Luntz knew his lemmings when he said “The way you communicate an idea is different than the way you communicate a product”—Frank Luntz.

Democrats have a principled message to sell both economically and morally.

Republicans are actually in an intra-party war, not the Democrats. Not wanting to invade a woman’s body, not wanting to cage children, not favoring the rich over the poor, and not accepting lying with impunity make you a Republican In Name Only, a RINO. Of course, RINO is reminiscent of the animal, RHINO. Oddly, the letter missing from the Republican version of RHINO is the letter H, maybe even they recognize that a Republican with (H)onor is to be feared.

I am a member of the Party of The New Deal, Social Security, The Voter Rights Act, The Civil Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. Not to mention supporting equal rights for women. I want to be fair, there was some Republican support for these programs but Republicans fought hard against the New Deal just as they did against the Affordable Care Act. Democrats, this past election, took a step to restore (H)onor to the country maybe Republicans should grab on to that H again and become a real American party once more. Alas, it is elephants who never forget.  

Georgians, Vote for Change.  

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