'Gutfeld!' is hiring comedy writers for its atrociously unfunny train wreck of a show

Weed o’clock struck early today. Not sure why. Something to do with daylight saving time, I think. Or the Maya calendar? Fuck if I know. It just felt like a day-tokin’ kinda day here in the Pacific Northwest.

But this isn’t about me. Because there’s no way in hell I would ever answer this ad:

For the nontweeters:

Freelance Comedy Writer, Greg Gutfeld Show

“We’re looking for a strong writer who is equally passionate about comedy and current events. You are a proactive individual who can write smart, crisp copy with an edge. You are knowledgeable about politics, social trends, pop culture, and can view stories from a unique perspective. Your responsibilities will include writing accurate segment copy that’s rich with humor, punch, and irony. …”

I know this goes without saying, but I can’t imagine what self-respecting writer—comedic or otherwise—would allow a hack like Greg Gutfeld to murder their copy live on air. It would be like sending Lennie from Of Mice and Men a puppy-of-the-week subscription box.

A monkey taking a shit in its own hand is twice as funny as Gutfeld! A monkey taking a shit in Greg Gutfeld’s hand is still funnier than Gutfeld!, but at least it’s a contest. Greg Gutfeld shitting in a monkey’s hand? Now you’re talking.

Incidentally, the previous paragraph will be the gist of my first writers’ room pitch after Gutfeld! hires me. Might as well hit the ground running, eh?

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  • April 12, 2021