Guess Who Is The 1st Candidate To Sign The Pledge To Immediately Rally Behind The 2020 Dem Nominee

My picture gave it away but I am a big advocate for early calls for unity and The Daily Beast has a piece out that made me happy:


National progressive outfit Indivisible on Thursday launched a pledge compelling all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to rally behind the eventual nominee. Bernie Sanders was the first to sign it, the group revealed.

The “We Are Indivisible” pledge asks for three commitments from him and any other prospective signers, as first reported by BuzzFeed News. First, Indivisible’s pledge requests that candidates “make the primary constructive” by outlining their visions while respecting their opponents.

“I’ll support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whoever it is—period,” the pledge also reads. “No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats. Immediately after there’s a nominee, I’ll endorse.”

And the group also wants a commitment that every candidate will “do the work to beat Trump,” including a promise that “As soon as there is a nominee,  I will put myself at the disposal of the campaign.”

Every Democratic candidate should sign this pledge and I thank Sanders for showing that beating Trump is the biggest priority in this race. Let’s not feed the “Dems In Disarray” narrative to the press. Let’s have a real debate that highlights which candidates not only have the best shot at beat Trump but also push through a progressive agenda and help fellow down-ballot Democrats win the Senate, build on congressional majority and state legislative and Governor races.