GTA's Good Science Education Model: The Continuing Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll


Grand Traverse Academy made many changes over the summer to make it appear like they have distanced themselves from Dr. Steve Ingersoll. His business partner, Dr. Mark Noss, formed a new LLC to act as management company for GTA. The school has a new superintendent and the person doing the books at Smart Schools LLC, who happened to have the same last name as Steve Ingersoll, has been brought into question for being too closely related to Steve Ingersoll. So far so good, the school is cleaning things up and making it look nice and neat and like a charter school trying desperately to appear as free from any involvement in Dr. Ingersoll's federal felony fraud case.

Except GTA is still a for-profit charter school being run by an optometrist with close ties to Steve Ingersoll thanks to the Excel Institute, and the use of Integrated Visual Learning at GTA as part of the curriculum. IVL according to Excel Institute cures 90% of ADD/ADHD and greatly benefits people with other disabilities. In fact, in a new white paper available on GTA's website titled, “Continutity At Grand Traverse Academy”,  this report lays out the learning model the school is based on, and cites Dr. Steve Ingersoll as the source of this learning model.

  • September 15, 2014