Today’s COVID taskforce presser was the most obvious manipulation of the event as a propaganda show in service of the Trump election campaign. Trump tried to rewrite history much like there’s little information about the deaths in nursing homes that might actually be part of the total COVID-19 death toll. Trump’s control of emergency powers will constitute much of the remaining conflict to come.

The tactics are the same. The simplistic message ignores how Trump deliberately delayed action in the face of expert analysis and reporting during a critical, early phase of the spread, and can be shown to have been a failure by comparison to numerous other nations. 

“The problem is that he mixes lies with truth” — Captain Adama on interrogating a cylon in Battlestar Gallactica


Trump 2016: “I alone can fix it.”

Trump, March 13, 2020:“I don’t take any responsibility at all.”

Trump, April 13, 2020:“When somebody is president of the United States your authority is total.”

  • Trump: When somebody is the president, “the authority is total.”!?!?!
  • A bit later, Trump says that “the authority is total” for the president with regard to this particular subject. (Still extremely false.)
  • Trump on state (or local?) officials: “They can’t do anything without the approval of the president of the United States.” Extreeemely false.
  • Trump, pressed on state and federal powers, avoids the powers issue and says: If states refuse to open, I’d like to see that person run for election.
  • Trump again making his highly questionable claim about his power to reopen things, not citing any law/precedent/constitutional clause but declaring, “The president of the United States calls the shots.”

During a visit to Minsk in August 1941, Himmler witnessed an Einsatzgruppen mass execution first-hand and concluded that shooting Jews was too stressful for his men.[119] By November he made arrangements for any SS men suffering ill health from having participated in executions to be provided with rest and mental health care.[120] He also decided a transition should be made to gassing the victims, especially the women and children, and ordered the recruitment of expendable native auxiliaries who could assist with the murders.[120][121] 

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