Grow The F*uck Up

To the troglodytes hiding in the White House.

Dear Snowflakes

I know you are busy shredding every hard copy and scrubbing hard drives whilst trying to con your supporters out of their money for the Crazy Uncle PAC, so I will keep this brief.

Put your toddler in his walker and slap in a pacifier if necessary, it is so over and time to step aside.

It is not the end of the world, so what if you have to wear orange jumpsuits for a while, you deserve them. It is not a conspiracy, not even bloody close, your days of sowing chaos and death in the US have come to an end.

I thought the “elite” were meant to be dignified, I’ll check if auntie Ayn has  anything to say about that otherwise I’ll be forced to consult my “A Guide to how to deal with trash 101” by Robespierre.

So lets not cause more of a scene than is absolutely required

Grow the Fuck Up and pack your bags.