Groking NeoCon propaganda: their “Iranium” documentary film. Damning Iran and Shia Islam everywhere

Netanyahu's speech. The vast network of American propaganda outlets devoting resources to demonizing Iran. Casting the Syrian and Iranian governments, Shi'ia Lebanese, Shi'ia anybody/anywhere as crazed mad men — where did it come from?

Wonderful example of propaganda.

Viewers are told that Iran provided “material support” for the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks. Iran also provided support for “Hezbollah and Al Qaeda” to carry out the attacks on the African embassies and the USS Cole.

Gee, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda merged.

Wow. Just that: wow. You can't construct a lie much bigger than that one.

While they're selling that on Iran, they might as well sell this:

Iran is a New Mongo, the planet from Flash Gordon.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei isn't the white bearded religious guy who councils restraint and sends personal messages to other religions' leaders. He's Ming the Merciless.

That is the NeoCon idea of Shia Islam. Every time out. More below the fold……..