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Grim Day In France: Regional Elections [Quick note] Damn, Extreme Right Wing Rising


Well at least in my region Bretagne  the left is holding firm, hopefully next weekend it stays that way. Luckily Jean-Yves Le Drain remains popular, so we might hold on next week.

Le Front National have averaged between 27 and 30% of the national vote, their highest ever score.

Virtually one third of France has gone nuts, bonkers even. Marine le Pen and her even more bonkers niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen both of whom got over 40% of the vote in their respective regions.

A pretty depressing day all round. I knew the extreme right was rising [at least in Bretagne they only got 18% of the vote] but this is worse than I thought.

Fingers crossed for next week-end, although it looks grim.

I’m going to bed soon.