Greg Palast on how voter rolls activist saved Biden, The New Trump Con, and more

Joe Biden should thank Greg Palast and other voter roll activists the victory. Trump has a new con and it’s working over his cult.

Greg Palast not only talks the voter roll game


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  • My daughter Ashley Willies drops in to talk to her dad about her recent beginning-of-the-year stroke.
  • Trump takes supporters to the cleaners as he cons them, knowing he has no presidency path. Most importantly, he is putting the country at risk in the process.
  • Young supporters show their knowledge and pragmatism in their support for the Biden-Harris ticket. It should make it clear to many that the youth knows how to vote their interest when activated.
  • Greg Palast, his crew, and a few other organizations in Wisconsin likely are responsible for Biden’s rebuilt Blue Wall. His work extends to Georgia and other states, reinstituting Jim Crow-like laws.

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