Greg Palast visited with Politics Done Right to discuss mail-in ballots and voting. He explains why vote-by-mail could reelect Donald Trump.

Palast recently wrote the article titled “Vote-by-Mail could cost Dems the Election: Mail-in Voting puts Millions of Minority Ballots at Risk” that expands on this interview

From Georgia to Wisconsin, 17 million voters have been erased from the voter rolls in the past two years in a wave of purge-mania. Given the massive errors resulting from this latest push to purge, millions of citizens, come November, will not find their expected ballot in their mailbox.

Ohio’s GOP purge-meisters have shown other states how cutting registration rolls can target voters of color.  Voting process attorney Prof. Robert Fitrakis of Columbus State University, says, “We have a history in Ohio of deliberately using the absentee ballot in a partisan and racist way.”

Fitrakis pointed out that George W. Bush’s re-election victory in 2004 hinged on Ohio GOP Secretary of State Ken Blackwell disqualifying mountains of mail-ins with such excuses as, “Signature below line,” i.e. part of the signature was not perfectly inside a box.

Many states have moved to same day registration (SDR) so that a wrongly purged voter may register on Election Day in the polling station.  With mail-in balloting, kiss that key protection goodbye.

Greg Palast recently wrote the book “How Trump Stole 2020” where he discussed the issue in detail. He previously wrote the book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy“.

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