Gravis Poll: Trump Has 4 Point Lead in South Carolina…

Gravis Marketing shows Trump with only a small lead in South Carolina, a state that has not supported a Democrat for President in the last 40 years.

In the state of South Carolina where a Democratic nominee for President has not won since Jimmy Carter in 1976, a new Gravis Marketing poll indicates the race may be quite close with President Donald Trump leading former Vice President Joe Biden by four points, 50%-46%.  Biden holds a 74-point lead among black voters in the state, while Trump wins the white vote by 35 points.  The gender gap gives Biden a 51%-47% advantage among women, while Trump holds a 53%-41% advantage among men.

South Carolina is unlikely to ever become a major target for Joe Biden. However two neighboring states, North Carolina and Georgia, are important to the presidential and senatorial races. In 2016, Trump won South Carolina by 14%, Georgia by 5.1%, and North Carolina by 3.7%.

The poll also shows Senator Lindsay Graham is leading Democrat Jamie Harrison 48% to 41%, not a great result for an incumbent senator in a state where Republicans usually get easily elected. Gravis is rated as a “C” pollster by website 538.

This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research and data firm. This poll of 604 registered, likely voters in South Carolina was conducted on July 17th and has a margin of error of ±4.0%. This survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users.  This poll was not commissioned by any campaign committee or other organization and was paid for by Gravis Marketing.  Results are weighted by voting demographics.