Grasping at Straws? Can Anyone in AK Confirm that Murkowski Is Feeling Heat Over Kavanaugh?

Read this over at Huffington Post today:

Advocates for Alaska Natives, who were crucial to Murkowski’s re-election in 2010, tell HuffPost they’ve been flooding her office all week and urging her to oppose Kavanaugh.

Lots of issues facing native Alaskans, but I was like “WTF?” on this one:

The most pressing matter, however, is a case the Supreme Court is reviewing on Nov. 5 that could devastate Alaska Natives’ subsistence fishing rights. The case, Sturgeon v. Frost, raises questions about who has the authority to regulate water in national parks in the state ― the federal government or the state of Alaska. The case arose after Alaska resident John Sturgeon, who was on an annual moose-hunting trip, was riding a hovercraft on a river running through a national park when Park Service officials threatened to give him a citation. Sturgeon is arguing that his ability to use his hovercraft in this scenario is about states’ rights and that federal authority should be eliminated.

Kavanaugh has previously ruled to limit federal power in cases before him. If he gets confirmed and votes with the other four right-leaning justices in favor of Sturgeon’s argument, it will destroy the way of life for tribal communities who rely on subsistence fishing in protected federal waters, some Alaska Native rights groups say.

Nice guy Sturgeon.  Must be a lovely rich guy who thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

My questions are these:

  • Is Murkowski feeling the heat from native Alaskans?
  • Does she owe her political life to native Alaskans?
  • Will it make any difference if she is feeling pressure from Native Alaskans on Kavanaugh?

I’m in the camp that thinks Kavanaugh will be jammed through the Senate, but there is this small part of me that is praying for some miracle.  Am I grasping at straws here?