Sen. Lindsey Graham (T-SC) (T for Trump) spilled the beans in his opening statement at the Barrett confirmation hearing. Judges and justices are supposed to be vetted for their qualifications to serve, and for their positions on Constitutional theory, and things like that. They don’t get asked how they would rule on a pending case, and if they are, they are not supposed to answer.

Graham didn’t bother to ask. He told her what he expects Barrett to do on the Supreme Court:

“From my point of view, Obamacare has been a disaster for the state of South Carolina.” Graham began. “All of you over there want to impose Obamacare on South Carolina. We don't want it. We want something better. We want something different. You know, what we want in South Carolina? South Carolina-care, not Obamacare.”…

CNN’s Chris Cilliza couched the story as Graham panicking over his re-election, and making a political speech for his constituents back home, not opening a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee. But he missed the point of what Graham was really doing here. Just in case Judge Barrett had any slightest doubt why she was there, Graham was spelling it out: “Judge Barrett, we’re rushing this nomination through so you can be on the court in time to hear the ACA challenge on Nov. 10th, and we’re counting on you to vote it down.”

Trump may want Barrett on the high court to help him steal the election, but Graham was making sure she understood the GOP’s priorities.

Irony died a long time ago. Subtlety also just kicked the bucket.

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