The government is a good boogeyman. But understand what it means because it is the confusion that the plutocracy wants. The government is “we the people” which means if the government is the problem then we are the problem. That simply isn't true.

It is them, not Government

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It is important to note that there are many forces in our country whose intent is to keep most doubting themselves and their own abilities to influence our government. They want you to question your worth. And in doing so you sit back and wait for someone else to determine what is best for you.

As the government driven by the plutocracy attempts to prevent the economy from going into a complete collapse, they decided on a stimulus that gave about $500 billion to the people and a leveraged $4.5+ trillion to corporations.

We must not allow the con to continue. The folks that continue to crash our economy aren't regulations, COVID-19, or anything else. It is a failed economic system that is but a facade for some to play with. This morning I sent a text to a friend that said the following.

I so wish I could get Americans to understand how we are played. I spoke to you about this dude, Bill Ackman.  Yes, he made $2.7 billion dollars after helping the market tank and then betting against it. It was legal theft. Some may say that no one got hurt but the capital lost in hundreds of retirement funds  and others, are  now in his pocket. That is the game. He created nothing. Designed nothing. Used no sophisticated intellect or math — Just basic arithmetic. But he was chosen to be a part of the market boys. That is our form of capitalism. And a very few are members while a necessary controlling number, the executive and managerial class become the guardians of the gates.

If we want to create a real democracy, we must engage. We must understand our worth. We must be the catalysts for the rest.

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