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Gov. Tony Evers (D. WI) Teams Up With DFA In The Fight To End GOP Gerrymandering In Wisconsin

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Received this e-mail yesterday from Governor Tony Evers (D. WI) on behalf of Democracy for America:

I have to thank you.

When I won my race for Governor of Wisconsin in 2018, I knew it was because of progressives in state and nationwide, including the critical support of DFA members. Since day one, I've been fighting for real change and you helped to make it happen.

Last week, I gave my second State of the State address, and I took a stand against special interests who use their power to undermine the will of Wisconsin voters.

I announced that I will be signing an executive order to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission that will draw fair district maps.

Our nonpartisan redistricting commission will consist of the people of our state—not elected officials, not lobbyists, not high-paid consultants.

The People’s Maps Commission will visit every congressional district, hear directly from folks across our state, and draw fair, impartial maps for the Legislature to take up next year. This is a giant step forward in protecting the voting rights of everyone in Wisconsin and a model for Governor’s to take action across the country.

If you believe that our district maps shouldn't be rigged by special interest groups and partisanship, add your name here to support my plan for a non-partisan redistricting committee to draw the people's maps!

I believe, and Wisconsinites do too, that people should get to choose their elected officials, not the other way around.

So, when The People’s Maps are presented to the Legislature next year, I hope they will receive unanimous, bipartisan support.

But also let me be completely clear: Every member of the Legislature who stands against a plan for fair maps is outing themselves as an opponent of ensuring that Wisconsin’s democracy accurately represents the people.

Sign here in support of my plan to protect our democracy by setting up a non-partisan commission to draw election maps that are fair.



Tony Evers
Governor of Wisconsin

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