Gov. Kemp signed Georgia voter-suppression law under a portrait of a brutal Southern plantation

This is what you call bad optics. Like really, really bad. Oedipus seeing Jocasta bad. (Yeah, my references are really old, but I couldn’t find a way to plausibly work Match Game into this one.)

So you know that awful, awful Jim Crow-style voter suppression bill Georgia just passed? Well, the way they’re going it’s going to end up being an African American voter-drive bill. Because the outrages just keep on comin’.

Will Bunch is an opinion columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, but he’s trotting out lots of facts in this Twitter thread about Gov. Brian Kemp’s bill signing. (Recall, too, that they arrested a Black state representative last night who wanted to watch this affront to decency unfold.)

If you don’t do Twitter, click here to see this thread.

Not a whole lot to add to that except, well, it’s a fitting portrait for what they’re doing. Bull Connor and his dogs might have been a bit more on the nose, but hey, that would just be crass, now wouldn’t it? This is just an anodyne pastoral setting that Georgia officials will now claim as part of their lofty “heritage.”

Nothing to see here. Now move along.

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  • March 26, 2021