Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D. MI) Is All In To Punish The MI GOP By Helping Flip The State House Blue

Sorry I missed this. Received this e-mail yesterday from Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D. MI):

Leadership matters.

Since the beginning, I’ve had to make tough decisions that took us from the state with the 3rd highest cases of COVID-19 per million to the 33rd highest now.

We’ve had one of the best economic recoveries in the nation, and studies have shown that our quick, decisive action saved lives.

Last week, a narrow majority of Republican Justices ruled to take away some of the executive authorities that kept us safe and kept us on a path to recovery.

Michiganders have grit, and there is no challenge we can’t meet, and we’re coming up on one of the biggest challenges yet: The November Election.

After the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Michigan State House is now the frontline defense between another COVID-19 outbreak and keeping us safe.

It’s time we elect a Democratic State House that is laser-focused on keeping the people of Michigan safe. We can’t let Republicans continue to ignore COVID-19 just to score petty political points.

I will never stop fighting to keep you and your families safe from this deadly virus, and we need a state legislature that promises to do the same. If you’re ready to flip the State House chip in $10 to keep fighting for progress in Michigan.

Thank you,


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