Governor Chris Christie attempted to rehabilitate his past Trump support. The panel skewered him for lack of leadership and morals.

Gov. Christie has his a$$ handed to him

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George Stephanopoulos opened the door for the panel to slaughter Chris Christie for his Trump hypocrisy and newfound contempt for Trump and his follower’s actions. And the panel responded.

You gave a major speech at the Reagan Library this week where you said it was time to face the realities of the 2020 election,” George Stephanopoulos said. “Renounce the conspiracy theorists and the truth-deniers. So you're on a collision course with former President Trump?”

Christie tried to seem it was a place where he was all of the time.

“I'm on a course to try to make sure that my party becomes,” Christie said. “Remains, rather, relevant in the political conversation in this country.”

Democracy for America (DFA) CEO Yvette Simpson did not let him get away with the hypocrisy.

”I just think, for four years, we watched Republicans either be silent or be complicit in the building of the monster that is Trump,” Simpson said. “And even post-Trump, there are still Republicans who are bolstering him, supporting him. So I feel like too little, too late.”

She went on to point out Republicans’ complicity in the Jan 6th insurrection. And, of course, she reminded Christie of their voter suppression actions in the Red States.

Soon after, it was Roland Martin's time. And he did not hold back.

“I'm sorry. The Republican Party, they made their choice,” Roland Martin said. “And I appreciate the speech, Governor, but the reality is this. You have to admit, Sarah, you have to admit the role that you played in putting the person in leadership who is driving conspiracy theories. It's one thing to condemn them after the fact, but you have to own up to the role that you played in putting the person in power. … Here's the deal. You ran against him. But when a person has principles, morals, and values, they do not support them even if you lose.”

Martin was not done. He then put salt in the wound.

“And what they say is, I choose patriotism and the country over party and power,” Martin said. “And the problem was, too many Republicans chose power and riding with Donald Trump, as opposed to patriotism and America.”

Christie bloviated. But in the eyes of the audience, it is clear that they wounded Christie as they should.

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  • September 12, 2021