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GOP's Mississippi Senate candidate is in real trouble

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Good thing the GOP has deep pockets—they need them. Say what you will about Democrats, but they at least tend not to run morons in deep blue states to make those races needlessly competitive. Yet the Mississippi GOP candidate, Cindy Hyde-Smith, is angling for a repeat of last year’s embarrassing defeat in a neighboring deep red state. There are two reasons for this: the Democrats have an exceptionally strong candidate this year, Mike Espy; and the GOP has an idiot that can't stop bringing the stupid.

In less than two weeks from the Nov. 6 election, Cindy Hyde-Smith has:

Her handlers are telling her just to shut it for another two weeks. Meanwhile, the NRSC is now being forced to spend $700,000 for an ad buy in freaking Mississippi. Cindy has zero accomplishments, so the ads will focus on attacking her Democratic opponent. (I can guarantee they will be very ugly. You should have seen the flat-out dishonest and disgusting smears the GOP used thru mailers and ads targeted at independents about another black candidate, Andrew Gillum.)  

Besides the ad buy, Trump is holding not one, but two separate rallies right before the special election on Tuesday, November 27.

Why is the GOP so worried?  Cuz this:

[Cindy Hyde-Smith] has struggled to grapple with the fallout, baffling members of her party and causing even faithful Republicans to consider voting for her opponent, former congressman Mike Espy.

Espy remains the underdog in the conservative state, but Republicans with access to private polling say Hyde-Smith’s lead has narrowed significantly in recent days.


Former congressman and Mississippi senate race candidate Mike Espy
Mike Espy (D)

On the flipside:

Mike Espy was the former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. He helped streamline the organization. He is also a former
Congressman with several notable accomplishments, including getting Ronald Reagan (no less) to sign a development bill for Mississippi that he authored.

If elected, he would be the first popularly-elected African-American Senator from the Magnolia State.

Dem strategists say Mike Espy only needs roughly 30% of the white vote, and the candidate is campaigning hard for the demographic that strongly rejected Trump this past election—suburban women. His campaign, Rise Above, has been a very positive contrast over Cindy Hyde-Smith’s.

He is talking about health care—an issue where MS ranks at the bottom, protection of people with pre-existing conditions, gender equality, and reducing student debt.

Essentially, he has been doing everything right, and she has been doing everything wrong. If this was any other state, he’d be winning in a landslide.

This is the final Senate election for 2018, and this is the first time we’ve had a real shot in Mississippi.

This is a special election, so turnout is key! There is a significant drop-off in voting for these kinds of elections. Whoever's side is more motivated to turn out on Nov 27 is going to win this. Espy is doing his job of inspiring turnout, while Hyde-Smith has been doing the opposite:

“It turned the whole thing upside down . . . I knew who I was going to vote for before this. Now I don’t,” said a man named William, a white Republican and self-described “Trumpster” who voted for Hyde-Smith two weeks ago. He declined to provide his last name because he didn’t want to publicly disclose he was considering voting for a Democrat. “Mike Espy is a good guy. Nothing wrong with him.”

If you are able, consider donating or volunteering.

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