GOP strategist to Dems-kill filibuster, Fauci schools Rand Paul, MSM Fail, Texas Police brutality

GOP strategist has filibuster advice for Democrats. This police brutality case needs visibility. The mainstream media is at it again. Fauci v, Paul.

GOP Strategist: Kill the filibuster

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  • On a scale of pretentiousness, from 1 (Mr. Rogers) to 10 (Mr. T), Anthony Fauci is a 2, and Rand Paul is a 15. Badgering Fauci in a Senate hearing, Paul, who puts more stake in herd immunity than masks, said Fauci is “making policy based on conjecture.”
  • Martha Raddatz disrespectfully attacks Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for not maintaining Trump’s border policies.
  • GOP strategist Susan Del Percio said Democrats should kill the filibuster and notes McConnell knows that Americans want Democratic policies.
  • In a shocking case of police brutality, Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constables broke Gary Berger’s neck, a 40-year-old resident. He underwent an 8-hour emergency surgery performed on his cervical spine—all for a traffic violation. The same officer who broke his neck cowardly requested a protective order against him after being transported to the hospital by EMS and announced quadriplegic on arrival. Gary has since been able to walk but unable to work, and his medical bills are piling up. His girlfriend has set up a GoFundMe page asking for donations to help him pay medical bills, attorney fees, and cover necessities @ “Justice for Injustice for Gary Berger

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  • March 22, 2021
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