Republican Strategist Mike Murphy has had it with the Republican Party. He believes what they are doing is toxic and real.

GOP Strategist calls out GOP

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Mike Murphy had the following response on many Republican politicians joining the president on his treasonous Supreme Court suit to overturn the election.

“It's ludicrous. There's no standing,” Murphy said. “But the idea behind it is toxic and real and to think 106 Republican members of Congress plus., you know, 17 attorney generals would sign on to something that is essentially an attempt to overturn a legitimate American election is something I couldn't even have imagined four years ago. So I think it is that the stain on the Republican Party is tremendous, and there are so many people on that Amicus brief. And Dan Crenshaw of Texas knows better. Some of those other Congressmen do, but they've let their narrow political ambition and their gutless fear of Donald Trump run wild. Now they're getting close to the treason business. It is unthinkable to me.”

Need he say more? Well, yes!

“They've declared war on the institutions of democracy, and they're telling our hardcore third of the country that the election is illegitimate,” Murphy said. It is massively irresponsible beyond anything you could suspect, and again, people like Dan Crenshaw served the country well earlier in their careers. I don't know how they can look in the mirror right now.”

Enough said.

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