GOP Sen. says COVID relief bill's a Trojan Horse. [LOL] Who always has to clean up their mess again?

GOP Sen. says COVID relief bill's a Trojan Horse. [LOL] Who always has to clean up their mess again?

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy appeared on a gaslighting mission claiming the COVID Relief bill is a Trojan Horse. He wants Democrats to listen to the ones who’ve crashed the economy any time they’ve been in power.

Trojan Horse: No! That has been the GOP policies

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It baffles me that most of the hosts of the Sunday Morning shows do not ask probative questions. They allow, generally Republicans, to gaslight and add false narratives. Bill Cassidy gained some goodwill as he called out Trump and voted for his conviction. But in this interview, he shows that he still follows the GOP modus operandi.

Throughout the interview, he claimed that Democrats were going it alone. Unfortunately, he forgot how Republicans under Mitch McConnell governed from Supreme Court jurist theft to forcing through wealth-transferring-to-the-rich tax cuts.  Listening to Cassidy call the COVID Relief bill a Trojan Horse is rich. No one should take the Senator seriously.

Let’s remember that since Reagan, Democrats have had to spend their first presidential term cleaning up the mess left by Republican implementation of voodoo economics every single time. They have always been given an economy on the ascent, and they have tanked it every time.

On the bill’s potentially being the Trojan Horse that releases inflation, the argument is used only under Democratic rule. The GOP did not have that concern during the $2.3 trillion tax cut scam.

Here is the economic reality. One only gets inflation if there are too many dollars chasing too few products and services. Our employment rate and businesses geared for recovery indicate that we are unlikely to be there anytime soon.

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  • February 28, 2021