50 Texans drank bleach last month as apparently Joe Biden threatens to be Castro reborn, or so the GOP believes. Senator Tim Scott says there’s a threat of a “socialist utopia” which is fairly frightening compared to the historical revisionism of last night. Tonight features more of the same.

On Night 1 of the 2020 Republican National Convention, acolyte after high-profile acolyte lined up to lavish praise on President Donald Trump for standing tall between the American people and a Marxist, politically correct hellscape.

They just couldn’t seem to figure out why, exactly, he was so great.

Trump was alternately touted as a true champion of the Black community—but also as the only person standing in the way of the death of the “suburbs” at the hands of “low-quality apartments” and radical Marxist mobs. He was cast as a visionary leader who has made and kept his promises of law and order and economic growth, all while video of U.S. cities on fire unspooled throughout the night. And Trump’s work combating COVID-19 was described as a Herculean effort to save the country—a message that all but ignored the 175,000-plus who had died and was delivered from an empty auditorium in the capital of a pandemic-stricken nation.

These contradictions have always been at the heart of Trump’s effort to secure a second term in the White House. But the Republican Party’s showcase on Monday laid them bare in full—and revealed an apparent campaign strategy of just throwing it all at the wall and seeing what sticks, so long as Trump is cast in a positive light.


In his speech accepting the Democratic nomination last week, Biden warned of “four historic crises” facing the nation: “The worst pandemic in over 100 years. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The most compelling call for racial justice since the 60’s. And the undeniable realities and accelerating threats of climate change, ” he said.

The GOP convention kicked off their convention on Monday as the country happened to be dealing with all four on the same day: rising COVID infections; a police shooting of an unarmed Black man in Wisconsin that sparked fresh civil unrest; a worsening economy; and historic wildfires in California.



Perhaps a special Russian guest (Medvedev?)



Scorched earth


  • August 25, 2020
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