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GOP rep who elevated Trump's Big Lie gets testy when asked if Biden won the election

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Do these people think they’re going to turn to stone if they tell the plain truth about the 2020 election? Republicans these days act as if the Eye of Sauron is always looking, looking, looking, and if they dare mention Donald Trump’s name in vain, the Mar-a-Lago Nazgul will be dispatched to pelt them with half-empty Diet Coke cans and partially masticated McRibs.

New York Republican Lee Zeldin was a member of the congressional craven caucus that voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Remarkably, his vote came after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that he almost certainly heard about. I mean it was all over the news, right? And yet he kept the treason drumbeat going.

And now he’s a wee bit irritated that journalists have the temerity to ask him what in the fuckity-fuck he was thinking. 

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