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GOP Rep: Equality Act 'goes directly against … scripture.' Good thing we're not a theocracy then

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Republicans continued to invoke the Bible in their speeches in support of discrimination against the LGBTQ community Thursday. When I hear people make appeals to scripture to justify their deep-seated bigotry, I often think of Patton Oswalt’s great bit about opposition to homosexuality based on biblical teaching.

“These lunatics always go, ‘Well, ‘cause it says in the Bible.’ Oh, okay, stop, hang on. I’m glad you like a book, I really am. … But just because you like something in a book doesn’t mean you can have the thing you like in the book happen in real life. That’s what crazy people want! I can’t go to the White House with a bunch of Green Lantern comics and go, ‘I want a Green Lantern ring! I saw it in a book I like! Make the thing in the book I like be here now!’ I would be justifiably tased if I did that.”

Yeah, that’s pretty much my reaction, too.

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