GOP Pundit on Ron Johnson: One of the real symbols of how the Republican Party has lost its mind.

Recently, Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes has been defining the Republican Party for who they are for a change. He says the GOP has lost its mind.

Republican Party has lost its mind

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When you have lost Conservative Charlie Sykes, not only on individual politicians but on the entire Republican Party, it is clear that it has gone over the edge.

The host asked Sykes what has happened to Senator Ron Johnson since he has been covering him. Sykes not only slighted Johnson but the entire Republican Party.

Sykes first disparaged Ron Johnson for his McCarthyism and being a reflection of what the Conservative circles have become.

“Well, I wrestle with this all the time because we do go back a long way,” Charlie Sykes said. “He went from being a chamber of commerce Republican to more like Joe McCarthy, like a guy that reads conspiracy theory blogs. It is good hearing Roy Blunt pushback. But the reality is that it’s only Roy Blunt pushing back, and as much as Ron Johnson may seem to be an outlier, he’s really a reflection of a lot of what’s happening on the Right in Conservative circles, in a media ecosystem, the traffic in this kind of disinformation that always has an excuse.”

Sykes then went after the modus operandi of the Republican party and its echo chamber. He made it clear they are kind of insane.

“Nothing is ever racist,” Sykes continued. “If you’ve been caught peddling some falsehood, it is just asking questions. There are no consequences. And if you spend a lot of time in that Conservative ecosystem, you hear echoes of what Ron Johnson is saying. So you played a clip of him speaking back here in Wisconsin over the weekend. And he returned to his echo chamber where people are saying the same kinds of things. But it is troubling to see this. … To watch how he has been transformed over the last couple of years, it’s one of the real symbols of how the Republican Party has lost its mind. And even after Trump, it still has this problem with dis-information and racism and an inability to hold people accountable or ever to apologize when they cross the lines.”

The host went on to show that Linsey Graham has gone down the same rabbit hole Johnson has. Charlie Sykes could not have said it any better. Kudos for this one, this time.

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  • March 23, 2021