GOP pollster on 2022: 'Donald Trump single-handedly may cause people not to vote'

Normally it’s a given that the party that wins the White House will lose congressional seats in subsequent midterm elections. In 2010, Democrats got clobbered after Barack Obama’s historic 2008 victory. And a blue wave took hold in 2018, almost certainly in response to Donald Trump’s 2016 creepy-twins, blood-elevator Overlook Hotel red wave.

One notable exception was 1998, when Democrats actually picked up seats, presumably as a result of GOP overreach and hypocrisy.

Will 2022 be another anomaly? It could be, because this time the X factor is a defeated would-be dictator. A loser who refuses to go away, refuses to concede the election he lost, refuses to eat his vegetables, won’t stop spitting out his binky, and recently launched a new cutting-edge (for 2001) internet platform—because Facebook won’t let him fundraise, Twitter won’t let him post, and there’s still no Rosetta stone with which to decipher the shit-smears his fans left on the Capitol walls during his Jan. 6 bumblefuck putsch—though I’m certain Trump’s new blog will provide fresh clues for us day after day after day. (Assuming we go there to read it, which I don’t recommend.)

  • May 6, 2021