CORRECTS TO ALMOST A YEAR, NOT THE ANNIVERSARY, IN FIRST SENTENCE - South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Harrison speaks with reporters in downtown Charleston, S.C., on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013, about a year after the announcement of the hacking of the tax returns of millions of South Carolinians. Harrison called the handling of the situation a failure of leadership by Republican Gov. Nikki Haley. Haley spokesman Doug Mayer responded that the governor's focus from the start has been on tracking down the hacker and that while technology always evolves, South Carolinians are far safer from such attacks than they were a year ago. (AP Photo/Bruce Smith)

GOP Panic: Graham challenger broke a fundraising record, and new poll shows 7-point gap.

Maybe Lindsey’s idea to convert himself into Trump’s boot licker wasn’t such a hot idea idea after all. 

Although Lindsey Graham is still currently the favorite to win in this safe Trump state, he is trending downward after several major embarrassments. On the flip side, Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison has been steadily rising in the polls.  Although Graham remade himself into a sycophant, it has not helped him much in riding Trump’s coattails.

Graham’s approval rating is historically low for an incumbent: 35%. However, 58% said they want someone other than Graham.  Worse, the latest national poll commissioned from Change Research shows that Harrison only trails Graham by seven points. 


If Harrison wins, South Carolina will be the first state to be represented by two African-American Senators, with the other being Republican Tim Scott. 

This quarter, Harrison raised $2.1 million, which is the largest amount a Democratic Senate candidate has ever raised in South Carolina.  It breaks the previous record of $1.5 million, which was set by—-wait for it—-Jamie Harrison. That was what he raised the previous quarter. Better yet, unlike Graham, most of the money is in small donations.  Last time, it was over 60,000 donors with an average donation of $26.  Unlike large corporate donors, Harrison can return to the well several times.

Next quarter is expected to be even higher.  That is why the GOP is shaking down their donors in an attempt to pour money into a race that should not be competitive at all.

It has been pointed out that Lindsey has always been a Beta male that assumes a subordinate role to a strong Alpha. That Alpha used to be John McCain, but after his death, Graham decided it would be the man obsessed with insulting McCain—a man that Graham had previously said was a “kook” and “unfit” . McCain’s daughter called Graham a coward and said he isn’t the person she used to know.

With few exceptions, (Ted Cruz come to mind), Lindsey Graham would be deemed too blatantly submissive to be a major elected official. He has been getting away with it due to this deeply conservative bastion, but even the Palmetto State is seemingly getting fed up with him: 

  • Graham told South Carolinians that he backs Trump’s trade war 100%, even though he admitted that SC businesses were going to get hurt. Graham told them they needed to accept the pain.
  • Graham fiercely defended Trump immediately after mass layoffs at a large South Carolina plant due to Trump’s multiple trade wars. Most of the state’s residents admit they have been a disaster.
  • Speaking of which, South Carolina is dependent on export income for soybeans, corn, and cotton. Farming bankruptcies in the state are skyrocketing, and Graham has done nothing to stem the bleeding
  • Graham has been continuously debasing himself to the embarrassment of the state. He embraces wild internet conspiracy theories. He shamelessly defends everything Trump has done, even if it directly contradicts everything he said he stood for. Yet Trump’s genocide in Syria provided his ultimate humiliation:

He traded his honor to be “relevant” as a Trump adviser. But on Syria, Trump didn’t bother to ask what he thought.

  • This past week, Graham angered his fellow Senators with his pitch for a letter pledging total fealty to Trump and promising that the GOP caucus won’t vote to remove him no matter what crimes are uncovered.  A GOP Senator said it was “one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard.”

Jamie Harrison

Jamie Harrison is the complete opposite of Graham: a man of unquestioned integrity and character.  He is fighting to ensure that every South Carolinian has access to affordable health care, good paying jobs and student loan debt relief. He is a Yale educated lawyer, and used to be a high school teacher. He is also very well-connected and popular as the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

To give you an idea, Harrison raised $240,000 within just 24 hours of announcing his candidacy.  Graham’s people were none too happy, but not worried. They are now.

This race has always been Lindsey’s race to lose. Thankfully, he is working as hard as Harrison to make sure that happens.


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