With the advent of the Trump era, the GOP has already gone all in with treason, so why not racism as well? 

If we are already at a place where a GOP congressman can yell at a Hispanic Democratic congressman on the House floor to “Go back to Puerto Rico,” I don’t think they have much further to fall. 

Georgia House Representative Tommy Benton (R-KKK)

GOP Georgia State House Speaker David Ralston knows what I am talking about. He just named an outspoken, ardent racist to chair the powerful House Retirement Committee.

GA House Rep. Tommy Benton will now oversee the retirement funds for teachers and state employees. What could go wrong? 

He’s a great choice because he chaired another committee back in 2017—of course, he was removed from that post for being blatantly racist  and sharing an article entitled “The Absurdity of Slavery as the Cause of the War Between the States.

And before that, in 2016, he fiercely defended the Ku Klux Klan, saying:

[KKK] was not so much a racist thing, but a vigilante thing to keep law and order.

It made a lot of people straighten up.

And just in case promoting the KKK wasn’t being clear enough for you, he also:

Great job, Georgia GOP. Racism is no longer a deal-breaker. Benton just had to wait for the rest of the GOP to catch up to his toxicity. He didn’t need to wait long, apparently.

To add insult to injury, GA House Speaker Ralston named Benton to the post right before what would have been Dr. King’s 90th birthday—because F you.

Please let Speaker Ralston know if you support his decision, especially if you plan on retiring in Georgia. 

And please remember this next election cycle.

GA House Speaker Ralston


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