GOP lawmaker urges his state to 'succeed' from the Union in wake of Biden victory

Some Mississippians want to secede from the Union?

Okay, just kidding. We need all our states — even the ones that prevent us from passing universal health care and adopting a sane climate policy. We can’t let them secede. Maybe we can let them “succeed,” however.

The Washington Post:

As the dust settles from the 2020 presidential election, one disappointed Mississippi lawmaker has a proposition for the Magnolia State. Instead of being governed by President-elect Joe Biden, state Rep. Price Wallace (R) reportedly said on Twitter that Mississippi should “succeed” from the rest of the United States and form its own country.

Despite the misspelling, his since-deleted tweet on Saturday afternoon, posted hours after the election was called for Biden, appeared to be an overt throwback to the Confederacy — in a part of the Deep South that only voted to remove the Confederate battle flag symbol from its own state flag earlier this year.
Although a small but growing number of GOP lawmakers have congratulated Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris on their victory, many others — including most of the state’s top Republicans — have backed President Trump’s efforts to challenge the results, according to the Mississippi Free Press.


It would be pretty interesting to see Mississippi strike out on its own without all that blue state cash. (And by “interesting,” I mean “horrifying,” of course.) According to one study, Mississippi receives $2.13 in federal outlays for every dollar it pays in taxes. So good luck with that, Mississippi! And I’m sure Trump would love to be lord of your new fiefdom, because it’s full of marks — 3 million fat little piñatas just itching to be pounded into pulpy papier-mâché. 

Alas, it won’t happen. You’ll just have to keep living in the United States and/or your happy place on Venus. Sad!

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  • November 11, 2020