Some very good news today out of Georgia:

Cygnal is a GOP internal poll and here are the results highlighted by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution:

  • Voters are evenly split on Trump, but Kemp’s disapproval rating (52%) outweigh his approval rating (43%). Loeffler is deeper underwater after grappling with an uproar over her stock transactions during the pandemic, with an approval of 20% and disapproval of 47%. Collins’ approval rating is about 10 percentage points higher than his disapproval.
  • Georgians say their top priority is controlling the spread of the coronavirus and returning life to normal (35%), followed by rebuilding the economy (25%) and providing access to affordable, quality healthcare (17%).
  • Trump and Biden are in a statistical tie in the race for president, with Trump at 45% and Biden at 44%. Only about 5% of Georgians are undecided, and another 6% back a third-party candidate.
  • U.S. Sen. David Perdue leads Democrat Jon Ossoff 45-39 in a head-to-head matchup, with 12% of voters undecided.  
  • More Georgians said they were most concerned with public health (60%) than the economic impact (36%) of the pandemic.  
  • A majority of voters disapprove of the way Trump (51%) and Kemp (54%) are handling the pandemic. The General Assembly barely breaks even on the question, and many voters signaled they don’t know what lawmakers are doing.
  • About 58% of voters said Georgia is moving “too quickly” to ease restrictions, though most (54%) back social-distancing measures and business closures.
  • A plurality of votes (34%) think the “worst is yet to come” from the pandemic, while only about 22% think the worst is over. About 30% feel “we’re in the middle of the worst right now.”
  • Most Georgians feel social distancing policies should continue at least a few more weeks, if not months, and only about 15% contend the state should “open everything now.”

Let’s go big in Georgia and win the it’s electoral votes and both Senate seats. Click below to donate and get involved with Biden and these Georgia Democrats campaigns:

Joe Biden

GA-Sen A (Against David Perdue)

Jon Ossoff

Teresa Tomlinson

Sarah Riggs Amico

GA-Sen B (Special Election Against Kelly Loeffler)

Rev. Raphael Warnock

Matt Lieberman

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