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GOP Gaslighting Ilhan Omar, Meanwhile Steve King Retweets an Actual Anti Semite… Again.

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As the GOP gaslights Rep. Omar for criticizing the state of Israel for it’s policy positions vis-a-vis its treatment of the Palestinian people, and democrats in the House apparently moving towards condemning her to placate them, Rep. Steve King openly supports an Anti-Semite and  White Nationalist for the third time.

Huffington Post

“For the third time in less than a year, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has promoted an open white nationalist on Twitter.

On Friday, the congressman quote-tweeted Faith Goldy, a Canadian white nationalist who has publicly recited the “14 words,” a white supremacist mantra, and who once recommended a book that calls for the “elimination of Jews.”

Goldy also once appeared on a podcast produced by The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website which advocates for gassing Jews. In that podcast, Goldy praised white supremacist figurehead Richard Spencer.

King is well aware of who Goldy is. In October, he endorsed Goldy in her longshot run for mayor of Toronto. The endorsement led to widespread condemnation of the congressman.

But at 10:51 p.m. Friday, the congressman promoted Goldy on Twitter anyway.”


And, of course, King’s premise is wrong, immigrants only make up an out sized portion of the prison population because federal authorities choose to persecute them as they allow other crimes to go unpunished, as the Huffpo article points out — prosecutions for white collar crime have dropped by 40% since 2008.

Just last October the ADL called for King’s censure for, among other things, promoting Goldy in his Twitter feed:

But, of couse, some Dems prefer to eat their own and run interference for the criminal in the Oval office, out of fear of Trump’s base voters who will never be swayed by our actions in any case…


Neera and Charles Pierce get this exactly right:


Hear, hear, Charlie.


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