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GOP folly: “Branding Trump as anything but a loser”

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Trump has always been a loser, but is reaching the end even as he’s trying to keep the grift going. Remember that he began campaigning for 2020 right after his inauguration. This is no different. He simply hasn’t reached the “sale by” date. The path to the bunker has 72 days of hard road ahead. GOP mischief makers are emerging, but flipping any three states will be quite a lift, especially since the margin is higher than in 2016. The most troubling element is the even larger number of people who either voted for Trump/Pence or against Biden/Harris.

Attorney General William P. Barr on Monday gave federal prosecutors approval to pursue allegations of “vote tabulation irregularities” in certain cases before results are certified and indicated he had already done so “in specific instances” — a reversal of long-standing Justice Department policy that quickly drew criticism for fueling unfounded claims of massive election fraud pushed by President Trump and other conservatives.
The two-page memo comes as the Trump campaign and its allies have urged the department to investigate their claims, despite little evidence that such fraud exists. Justice Department officials had previously confirmed they were looking into allegations in Nevada, and had referred other information out of Michigan to the FBI.
In his memo, circulated two days after results showed former vice president Joe Biden had defeated Trump, Barr seemed to take aim at previous guidance from the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch that said prosecutors should not — in most instances — take overt steps in voter fraud or related investigations until after election results are in and certified. The guidance was designed to ensure that voters and state and local election officials, rather than the federal government, decide the results.…

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was asked Monday if she thought the “irregularities” alleged by the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign would be enough to change the election outcomes. Her response: “Is it going to be enough? No…” 

“I was asked to lie about Hunter Biden, admits Ukrainian businessman. Hares Youssef claims he was promised a US visa and legal immunity in return for information that would damage Joe Biden’s presidential campaign

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