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GOP Congressman makes tasteless joke about sexual assault, because that's who Republicans are now

Oh, hell no.

From The Washington Post:

In his opening statements at an election debate Thursday, a South Carolina congressman kicked things off with a joke.

“Did y’all hear this latest late-breaking news on the Kavanaugh hearings?” Rep. Ralph Norman (R) asked the audience at a Kiwanis club in his district. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out saying she was groped by Abraham Lincoln.”

The opening remark prompted scattered laughter inside the room, but Democratic observers — in South Carolina and elsewhere — didn’t find it funny.

God knows I enjoy pushing the envelope as much as the next guy — as long as the next guy isn’t Rep. Ralph Norman, apparently. But this is beyond the pale.

Seriously, Republicans. Like you’re not already up to your lying mouths in hog shit? You’re really going to make jokes about women being assaulted by the sexual predator the sexual predator-in-chief chose as his designated disease vector for stripping women’s basic rights away?

You just made the blue wave a smidge bluer, guy.


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