Republican Party Chairperson Ronna McDaniel is self-quarantined after coming down with flu-like  symptoms including a fever. She has been tested for coronavirus and is awaiting results. Results were negative when she was tested for strep and the flu.

Last night,

's doctor determined a test for COVID-19 was necessary given her symptoms.We will provide an update when the test results are available.


McDaniel was present for several events over the past week with top Republican and government officials. An RNC official told USA TODAY she went to a Mar-a-Lago event with President Donald Trump on March 6, attended a lunch event with Vice President Mike Pence on March 7, went to an event in Orlando with Trump on Monday before flying back to Washington, D.C., on Air Force One. She also attended Republican senators' lunch meeting on Tuesday.

Let us remember it is not well to feel satisfaction over Republicans suffering from a pandemic some  were calling a hoax a short time ago. If she does have the Covid-19 infection, she may well have passed it on to many, many others. It is not always easy but let us try to be better people that Trump and company who gloat over the misfortunes of their adversaries.

McDaniels is 47 years old, a native of Michigan and niece to Mitt Romney.


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