Susan Hennessey will be senior counsel at the National Security Division of the Justice Department. Looks like the Feds are closing in something, something, because there were definitely multiple obstruction of justice beefs against previous guy during “Russiagate”. And we still don’t know what Russian hackers did with the RNC kompromat, whereas Roger Stone and Mike Flynn’s pardons told us …something.

As the CIA concludes that Russia tried to help Donald Trump win the presidential election, intelligence officials have released one more intriguing detail: Russian hackers had dirt on the Republican National Committee but never released it, according to a new report. A senior administration official said, “We now have high confidence that they hacked the D.N.C. and the R.N.C., and conspicuously released no documents” from the Republicans, according to the New York Times. Officials said the hacks into the Republican committee took place in the spring, at the same time emails from the Democratic National Committee were stolen by hackers thought to be connected to Russian intelligence. It’s unclear what kind of information was stolen from the RNC, and how much of it, just as the motive is unknown.






  • May 14, 2021