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Good News For Trish Regan: She's Eligible For Unemployment Compensation!

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Seems another economic victim of the coronavirus pandemic is Fox Business propagandist Trish Regan.  Fox has decided to fire her.  The good news for Regan is that she’s eligible for unemployment compensation!  

Oh wait.  As someone who has been fired from a job, I discovered that obtaining unemployment is dependent upon your former employer signing off on it.  Now, if you were fired for financial reasons or supposedly “no fault of your own,” it is possible to collect unemployment.  However, there is this rather vague “misconduct” clause in the unemployment laws that allows an employer to say, “No unemployment payments for you!”

A production manager at a Kroger central fill pharmacy facility in KY routinely used misconduct to deny unemployment to any terminated employees.  No, I avoided that fate, but many of the other employees did not.  The turnover rate at that place was 85% annually.

But I digress…

Anyway, there was the typical “You’re fired!” cover statement issued by the employer who did the firing:

“We thank her for her contributions to the network over the years and wish her continued success in her future endeavors,” the network said in a statement. “We will continue our reduced live primetime schedule for the foreseeable future in an effort to allocate staff resources to continuous breaking news coverage on the Coronavirus crisis.” 

“…wish her continued success in her future endeavors.”  I’ve seen that used more than once in my career.  And Regan is doing her part to glossing over her firing:

In her own statement, Regan said she was leaving to focus on her family.
“I have enjoyed my time at Fox and now intend to focus on my family during these troubled times,” Regan said. “I am grateful to my incredible team at Fox Business and for the many opportunities the network has provided me. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my career.”

And I am being snarky when I say that Trish Regan is an economic victim.  Regan went on a conspiracy theorists tirade against Democrats and other enemies of Dear Leader Trump.  



Yeah, this is another Republican example of the coronavirus “being blown completely out of proportion” BS.  When I saw this online, I couldn’t help but think of this from the Bride of Frankenstein:


My apologies to Elsa Lanchester.

But even though Fox is still Trump TV, it appears that someone there decided that a sacrifice(?) must be made to keep up appearances of being a “news” network.  We cannot get rid of one of the old white misogynists, unless they get caught with their Jabba the Hutt tongues licking the women staffers.  So who can we offer up?  Hmmmm…

Lesson to those women working at Trump TV: go as far as the good old boys in your insanity and you will find your ass in an unemployment line.

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