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Good Luck To You All Tomorrow.

I’m not sure how many Daily Kossacks are in the same boat as myself when it comes to this midterm election:  no U.S. Senate race here, no Governor’s race, my Congressman is progressive Democrat John Yarmuth, and my state senator and house rep are Democrats.  In other words, in one of the most pivotal midterms in who knows how long and I have no real dog in this hunt.  All I can do is wish the rest of you all who have the power to swing your state or federal elections the best of luck tomorrow.  I’ve done what I can with breaking my piggy bank — and I just got the VISA bill to prove it — in donations to Democrats running in other states.

And no, I did NOT restrict my donations to progressives.  I closed my eyes and thought of England as I sent some money to Democrats who think that I am a member of the extremes and equate me with Trump supporters.  I sent money to a guy who would have voted for Kavanaugh for the SCOTUS.  And I sent money to a woman who threw other Democrats under the bus.  And several middle of the road Democrats got what little money I could spare.

OK.  Joe Manchin got nothing from me after the summer.  Sue me.  He can get money from his EpiPen price gouging daughter.  It is where my money went because I suffer from severe allergies and have gone into anaphylaxis twice.  

No, I’m not kidding about that either.

And I gave the lionshare of my energy and money to Democrat Amy McGrath who is running in the KY-6th.  Whatever happens with Amy McGrath, I want to thank her for stepping up and competing.  I think she will win, but I’m not there to give her my vote.

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I hope and pray that the rest of you all who have worked your asses off getting out the vote will succeed.  And I want to thank the many on Daily Kos who have written diaries to keep up our spirits during this dark time in our nation’s history.  I will be watching the results tomorrow.

Good luck!

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