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Good God can Pelosiphiles take some time off from spiking the football and dancing in the end zone.

I have just been reading too many diaries about how great and wonderful and brilliant Nancy Pelosi is. Oh she knew exactly when to bring impeachment proceedings. She played the Orange charlatan perfectly. She has “got this.” (the new Obama). I just saw a new diary about what a wonderful column Maureen Dowd wrote (really Maureen Dowd?) praising Pelosi to the heavens. I have no doubt it will make the recommended list. (You do know Dowd and Pelosi are friends right?). This type of public relations and hero promotion is unseemly right now and it would be better for the long term prospects of the democratic party (and I believe Nancy Pelosi) if it stopped (I though first rule of Dailykos club is you never, even praise Maureen Dowd).

There are a number of reasons why it is unseemly.

1) We are at the beginning of a long, really difficult process. Trump is a vicious, feral animal and he strikes with abandon. His striking out is continuous. He is not smart but he is cunning and he knows he only needs one hit that he will go back to again and again. Let’s have some respect for what is to come.

2) A lot of people, mostly progressives, took incredibly courageous stands on impeachment months ago (AOC and Elizabeth Warren to name two). To not only focus on Pelosi (who I would say was not courageous at all, she was dragged in to this) and keep dancing in the end zone (when Trump threw an interception at his own one yard line) is really off putting for me and I wonder if it is the same for other progressives.

3) Many establishment democrats already have a reputation for trying to take credit whenever they can and shunting the people who actually do the work and take the chances to the side. Turning this in to a public relations moment for Nancy Pelosi might really feed in to that perception. I am really, really worried about the reckoning between progressives and establishment democrats that is almost certainly coming. This probably doesn’t help.

These are just some of the reasons. Grab hold of yourself Pelosiphiles. Pelosi has not done anything great so far and she needs to be held accountable for decisions going forward.

And one last thing. Can a column by Maureen Dowd please, please, please not make the recommended list?

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