Louis Gohmert, America’s stupidest Congressman (which, given the competition, is saying something!) is single-handedly holding up the House from sending the COVID-19 relief package to the Senate. No doubt he’s doing it at Moscow Mitch’s behest, so Mitch doesn’t have to stall it there on his own. But his actions are making it even clearer that the whole GOP is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

Rep. Louie Gohmert delays House coronavirus relief bill from moving to Senate

The House was expected to make technical corrections Monday to the bipartisan measure, passed by the House early Saturday, but Gohmert is insisting on reading them, a Democratic leadership aide confirmed to NBC News on Monday.

I wouldn’t have thought a single House member could stall a bill like this, but apparently this is a special situation:

The technical corrections package has not yet been finalized and the House wants to pass it by unanimous consent because the House is on recess this week.

If one member stands in opposition, the House can’t send the bill to the Senate without bringing the entire House back from their districts to Washington for a vote. The Senate is in session this week, but schedules have been fluid because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Add this to the pile of steaming . . . poop that the GOP is dumping on us.

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