Glenn Thrush accused. Media start circling the wagons.


Glenn Thrush has been accused of far worse that Al Franken — at least in my opinion.  Far worse than Bill Clinton actually.  Not only did he use his position to make unwanted advances on young female reporters but he spread stories after to hurt their reputations.  Look up the word putz in the dictionary and you’ll see Glenn Thrush’s picture. And yet reading the comment sections on other sites (I haven’t seen it on DailyKos yet, maybe missed it) there seems to be a lot of apologizing for Thrush, a lot of “hey not so bad, that’s the way the world is.” So far not one person has called for him to resign from the Times in disgrace. There is no clamor for Thrush’s head, or whatever.  What I sense so far is mostly a sigh and a shrug. And the drunk thing, that’s an excuse as old as humanity itself.  Adam probably said he was sorry he was drunk the next morning to Eve.

We’ll see how the media reacts now that one of their favorites stands accused. It  is one of the biggest tests of the media integrity of my lifetime.  The article (as opposed to what happened to Franken) is very well sourced.  And major kudos to Laura McGann. This is not some woman appearing on Hannity with an agenda. She is putting her career at risk as much as anybody I’ve seen to take a stand. Over time she will pay a price. Halperin was disliked. But Thrush is a macha of machas. The Times suspended him pending an investigation, good for them. But we’ll how much Thrush is put through the ringer by his buddies in the press.