Giuliani's estranged wife is writing a tell-all book

It’s hard to imagine how one could find a way to embarrass Rudy Giuliani that’s more cruel and underhanded than simply putting him on TV, but his estranged wife, Judith Nathan Guiliani, is apparently going to try.

According to Page Six, she’s currently talking to several publishing companies about writing a book on Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

From The Hill:

The book would detail Rudy Giuliani’s private life, as well as his career as the former mayor of New York City.

“This isn’t going to be a salacious ‘In bed with Rudy’-type book, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t picking up the poison pen,” a source close to Judith Giuliani told Page Six.

The book would reportedly detail the life of “America’s Mayor” and his powerful allies, the source told the outlet.

It would also include details about Rudy Giuliani’s “secret deals and secret handshakes, what it is like being on the inside with Manhattan and D.C.’s power brokers,” the source told Page Six.

Judith Guiliani, who filed for divorce in April, will also weigh in on Rudy’s second career as a flailing, sputtering idiot, according to a source Page Six interviewed:

“There is also much to discuss about Rudy’s relationship with President Trump, and how Rudy struggled after his own political ambitions to be president failed,” the source reportedly said.

Maybe she can also lend some insight into which species of roundworm has burrowed into his head. And, yeah, that other stuff sounds interesting too, I guess.


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