Giuliani Wanted Revenge on Biden and Now He's the One in the Cross-Hairs

Maybe this is more personal with Giuliani than we’ve realized. It was Joe Biden, after all, who came up with that infamous Mr. Noun-Verb-9/11 line that, as much as anything, helped sink Giuliani’s own White Hose bid. A desire for vengeance might be what has driven Giuliani go too far.

And it’s looking like he may have gone too far. Greg Sargent has a WaPo column this morning which is mainly about the details of the Trump “memo” and how it shows Trump using Giuliani as his private State Department, but in passing it also reveals some stuff about Giuliani that could put Giuliani himself in legal jeopardy:

Along those lines, this revelation in the Post report deserves special attention:

Though the whistleblower report focuses on the Trump-Zelensky call, officials familiar with its contents said that it includes references to other developments tied to the president, including efforts by Giuliani to insert himself into U.S.-Ukrainian relations.

If this is right, it means Giuliani’s efforts were among the things that alarmed the whistleblower enough to take the extraordinary step of trying to alert the congressional intelligence committees. And Giuliani’s efforts are likely among the things the intelligence community’s inspector general deemed an “urgent concern.”

Sargent then adds some personal information he received:

Giuliani is asking for more scrutiny

Ryan Goodman, a law professor at New York University, told me that the House now has good cause to demand Giuliani’s testimony, and even those phone records he referenced.

“Giuliani has essentially invited Congress to subpoena his phone records,” Goodman said. “It’s highly likely that Giuliani personally will be subpoenaed.” This would likely be done by the Intelligence Committee, Goodman noted.

Attorney-client privilege doesn’t apply when investigating a crime (just ask Michael Cohen) and that same exception should apply to an impeachment inquiry. Now, Giuliani has been famously loyal — as well as famously damaging — to Trump, but if he’s looking at prison, fines,  the loss of his law license, he start thinking about a bus he can throw Trump under. And to top it all off, Biden is still standing. (He may lose the nomination, but not because of anything Giuliani did.)

After all, there’s no honor among these thieves.