Get Rid of the worst of the GOP..

I could rant and rant about how Florida went from a lovely sub tropical state that was  more purple than red but we have had some real lazy people not doing all they could in the State party and the folks with money like the billionaires running for president, not helping with money matters in this state.  

Who would one of the worst of the GOP be?  Matt ( DUI-Truman Show ) Gaetz. 

Meet Phil Ehr.  He is a real leader and can rid us of one of the worst in the congress.  He needs your help and your GOTV effort.

I got a real surprise and treat yesterday when Dr. Reid Sr. called and wished me a Happy Valentines Day.  He also told me that he had just came back from a pilot program in California where California VA was starting a Fitness program.  He is 95 and just returned from the gym.   You gotta love him.


Dr. Reid’s  son told me about old Dui Matt having some real competition this time around and FLORIDA..stop griping about Matt the smirk from Pensacola and help District I elect this guy with a REAL background other than another Daddy’s boy with money, like Gaetz who has sooooooo much in common with Trump.  How many times have we all from every state complained about Matt Gaetz? 

  After that questioning of Mueller, it is clear that this GOP Trumpster  has no love of veterans or troops, so what is he doing representing a military community?  Gaetz is patriotic in name only.  

Dr, Ferguson Reid is an icon and he has the answers to turn this state blue.  People have got to act and listen to his advice.  Anyone who can win a seat in Virginia in the middle of the Jim Crow era needs our attention when giving advice about winning.

Meet who is challenging the smirking Gaetz from District I.  Come on people.  This should not even be a contest.  It should be a landslide.……

Phil Ehr is a husband, father, community volunteer, and U.S. Navy veteran who rose from Seaman to Commander in a 26-year active duty career. Phil flew reconnaissance missions in the Cold War, Desert Storm, and post-9/11 operations. He provided strategic advice to senior leaders in Washington, London, and NATO.

 Incumbent Matt never served   anywhere but himself  at a local bar or as Trump’s  puppet  and to his own Daddy’s money and oh, he has a sign on his picket fence that says, “ They filmed the Truman Show here”.   It figures that he is pretty good at reality tv but he needs to be in Hollywood instead of Washington.   

FLORIDA…Help Phil Ehr win.  Could there really be any question who would serve this district better? He would do Florida proud.  

Now, which representative really is the most qualified for District 1 ?  This guy? 

Smirking Matt…or the Navy Commander below?


Florida deserves a respected Navy Commander in a Military district that has actually served and knows the needs of our troops and veterans.   He knows the needs of education and as a member of the NAACP, understands the need for minority equality.  



Oh Matt, we intend to make this part of the Truman Show a reality regarding your congressional seat….

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