Georgia officers held 5 black young teenagers going through a neighborhood at gunpoint.

Here we go again. Police officers decided to hold young teenagers at gunpoint as they walk through a Georgia neighborhood.

See the entire episode here.

UPDATE: We may be looking at very good policing that occurred after a bad start. I have very mixed feelings about how this entire incident evolved from the 911 call from the store clerk to the police response. I will layout the information the Clayton County Police put out then get my thought together. Because what those kids went through was shocking to the viewers and I can’t imagine how difficult it was for them.

From Clayton County Police FB:

The Clayton County Police Department would like to ensure the community has been informed that we have been diligently trying to deliver our message regarding this incident out in a timely manner, however, due to the large volume of video footage, E-911 audio recordings, and obtaining the incident reports for this incident, we have been delayed. Attached you will find a condensed version of the video for media broadcast and the entire incident will be placed on our social media page for public viewing today, June 16, 2020. To protect the identities of the juveniles involved, we have had to ensure their faces and personal information is not available on the footage.

Surveillance video from the store.

911 Call #1

911 Call #2

Body Cam

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