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George Will slams Trump as he says he said why he is committed to voting for Joe Biden

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George Will did not only slam Donald Trump, but he also said that he will be voting for Joe Biden to return the country to a form of normalcy.

George Will did not disappoint

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George Will did not disappoint. His words were salient.

“Well the most important thing is to clear the ground so we can start over with American normal politics,” Will said. “On the 3rd of June 2016, stopped being a Republican. I did not stop being conservative. I'm still proud of having voted for Goldwater in 64 and Reagan in 80 and 84. It's just that it seems to me it's time to get something like a normal political argument.”

George Will of course then returned to form.

“The day after Mr. Biden wins what I am confident is going to be a decisive victory,” Will continued. “I will be in the corner saying oh gosh we've got to stop some of these Biden policies. That's the job of a normal loyal opposition. But what's happened is Donald Trump has cured me of the vice of presidential fastidiousness. I used to say well I can't vote for this guy because he's wrong on the capital gains tax, can't vote for him because he's wrong on the top marginal tax rate, I don't care right. Now let's just get back as I say to something like normal politics and if your party, Lawrence, had in the 1980s nominated Pat Moynihan our friend, if the 1970s they've nominated scoop Jackson, I would have a record of having voted for a Democrat before.”

George Will would further say that he expects the election to be called early. Moreover, he believes Biden has a chance of winning Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. On this, I concur.

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